When winter approaches in Florida, my mind begins dreaming of luscious ripe strawberries dipped into chocolate, hot fudge, whipped cream, caramel sauce … mmmmm … sorry, I was dreaming. It’s the new year, so I’ve created a lightened-up version of a Mille-Feuille featuring Florida Strawberries to satisfy my sweet cravings while also eating on the healthy side.

Lightened Up Strawberry MilleFeuille with a dusting of fairy sugar

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Mille Feuille (pronounced meel-foy) is a French pastry which name means one thousand sheets, layers, or leaves. This classic dessert is composed of buttery, thin puff pastry, berries, cream, and dusted with icing sugar.

Strawberry Mille Feuille with a light sprinkling of granulated sugar

When I think of Mille-Feuille, it brings me back to my former life in France; sitting in a quaint cafe in Aix-en-Provence, indulging in this decadent and sinful dessert while Édith Piaf wafts over the cobblestone streets. mmmm… sorry, dreaming again. The South of France, men and music are a story told for another time.  Let’s focus on dessert. THIS dessert with juicy, ripe Florida Strawberries.

Florida Strawberries

Healthy Benefits of Strawberries

Indulge without the guilt because strawberries have many healthy benefits.  They’re an excellent source of folic acid, helping to metabolize protein in the body.  Strawberries are low in calories; 45 calories per serving (5 oz), and are a good source of potassium.  8 medium strawberries contain more vitamin C than 1 orange. Click here to learn more about the healthy benefits of Strawberries.

Only 6 ingredients: Florida Strawberries, puff pastry, yogurt, heavy cream, vanilla bean & confectionary sugar

The beginning of a new year and I’m focused on eating healthier. It doesn’t mean giving up taste. Gosh no. One cannot survive without pastry, at least this girl can’t happily survive without it. Instead of sacrificing on the pastry, I made the cream a lightened version using yogurt and a small amount of whipping cream. This recipe is close to my heart and it’s uber simple to make.

The crispy texture of the puff pastry contrasts well against the juicy ripeness of the strawberries bathed in a greek vanilla yogurt filling. Once baked, the puff-pastry is split in half. The classic version calls for a minimum of 3 sheets of docked puff pastry.  This lighter version only uses one layer. Next, dust with fairy(confectionary) sugar. Voilà  ~ Savor the flavors.

Florida Strawberry Season

Strawberry season in Florida runs November till April. While the majority of the United States is dealing with freezing cold temperatures, the Florida Sunshine helps grows these juicy red berries. Go check out your local grocer or market to pick up a package or two or “four in my case”. If you don’t see Florida Strawberries, ask the store or produce manager to carry Florida Strawberries. Pick a few packs up from your local grocery store.  Toss them in smoothies or a salad, include them in & on pancakes / waffles, and make them the star of salsa for seafood or other proteins. Of course, make sure you have a secret stash for dipping Florida strawberries in chocolate, whip cream … enjoy!

Below is a scrumptious list of Strawberry recipes from appetizers to desserts.



1 Sheet thawed Puff Pastry

12 Florida Strawberries, halved

1 Cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt

4 Tbsp Heavy Cream

1/4 Vanilla Bean ‘caviar’ (optional)

Confectionary Sugar


  1. Beat 4 Tbsp of Heavy Whipping Cream until stiff peaks & set aside
  2. Beat 1 Cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt (whole yogurt works the best) until fluffy.
  3. Remove a small amount of caviar from the vanilla bean pod (I used 1/4 of the vanilla bean) and mix into the yogurt.
  4. Gently fold in the heavy whipping cream into the yogurt. Refrigerate at least 1 hour.
  5. Remove 1 sheet of puff pastry from the freezer. Follow the package defrost directions.
  6. (Optional) Sprinkle granulated sugar on top of the puff pastry prior to baking. Then bake according to package.
  7. Remove puff pastry from oven 7 let cool.
  8. Clean the strawberries, core and slice in half.
  9. Gently use a serrated knife to slice the pastry in half.
  10. Place halved strawberries on the bottom pastry layer (the amount depends on the size of your strawberries. I used 3 whole strawberries sliced in half)
  11. Dollop the refrigerated pastry cream mixture onto of the strawberries.
  12. Place the top half of the puff pastry then sprinkle with fairy dust (aka: confectionary sugar)


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Lightened-Up Strawberry Mille Feuille